Wellness Coaching


Do you feel ready to make changes in your life to improve your wellness, but not quite sure if Wellness Coaching is for you?


Are you interested to find out where you are at currently and which are the areas you most want to make changes in? (such as physical activity, mindset, eating habits, energy levels, sleep and life balance) 

Click the link below to complete a quick online Wellness Questionnaire

designed to help you understand how you rate your current wellness and your readiness for change 

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will receive a free 15 minute Wellness Coaching chat (online, phone or face to face) to discuss your results and find out how Wellness Coaching could support you in making lasting change

I want you to walk away feeling inspired and positive, feeling a sense of achievement for taking action and with a plan to move forward. 

Michelle Huby, Wellness Coach

  • Individual coaching sessions held in nature

    1 hr

    50 Australian dollars